Unlock your potential with our Investment Slabs. Create an account, choose a package and watch your profits soar. From a minimum investment of $49 to $99,999, earn daily, referral, and binary incomes while experiencing impressive principal returns. Your financial journey starts here.

Signing up with PEPPERSTONEFX

Users can register with PEPPERSTONEFX using an email and a Sponsor ID. A sponsor is an upline or an existing member with PEPPERSTONEFX who provides his Account ID using which any user can join our system. In case a user does not have access to Sponsor ID or an introducer, you can register directly with us without any hurdles.

A user can create multiple accounts with PEPPERSTONEFX using one single email address or a set of emails.

Users can opt to invest in multiple packages. Each package will be computed individually based on the specific criteria of that package.

The highest value of investment will be considered as your default method of payments for withdrawals in case of multiple packages.

Every account created with PEPPERSTONEFX will have a life time validity and record.

KYC is not mandatory to initiate transactions with us.

Important Business Notes

Daily profits are credited from the next day of your investment.

Daily profits are credited from Tuesday-Saturday.

Withdraw daily profits every 10th, 20th and 30th.

Affiliate incomes are available for withdrawal 24X7.

No transfer fee for fund transfer between PEPPERSTONEFX wallets.

No active account is necessary to claim your referral earnings.

50% cash investment is mandatory while reinvestment of profits.

You can choose to pay up to 99% in cash and 1% from your wallet while reinvesting.

Minimum withdrawal and fund transfers begin from $15 and above for all the wallets.

Trading commission and a fund processing fee of 10% is levied on every withdrawal initiated.

Earn instant discount coupons with every investment to redeem them on your next investment.

Principal return will be credited back to your Savings Wallet upon the expiry of the respective investment package.



Terms and Meanings

Investment Slabs: Every package begins with a certain amount of investment required and extends higher to a certain amount for the current package. These limits describe the investment slab for that specific package. Users can enter specific packages according to the investments being made.

Daily Profits: This is your ROI (Returns on Investment) income for the investment you bought with PEPPERSTONEFX. Every investment made is subjected to receive daily profits from the next day of the investment from Tuesdays-Fridays for the term specified in the contract.

Principal Returns: Repayment of user’s original investment amount is termed as principal returns. At PEPPERSTONEFX you are entitled to a comprehensive plan that offers principal returns ranging from 50% to 100% of the investment amount. These funds are credited at the end of the contract in your Savings wallet and are available for withdrawal at large.

Our Wallets

Experience financial empowerment with our multi-functional wallets. Grow your investments steadily with the Savings Wallet, enjoy instant affiliate earnings withdrawals from the Current Wallet, and amplify your potential with the Booster Wallet's attractive daily profits. Tailor your investment journey with us.


Investment profits are credited daily to the Savings Wallet.

Withdrawal dates are 10th, 20th and 30th.

Inter wallet transfer to Savings Wallet to other user`s account free of charges.

Funds from the Savings Wallet can be transferred to the Booster Wallet for long-term reinvesting of profits.

A maximum of 50% of funds from this wallet can be utilised for reinvesting.


Affiliate incomes including referral, binary and all other networking incomes are credited to this wallet.

Instant withdrawal of earnings round the clock, any day, anytime.

Balances can be transferred to the Savings Wallet.

Funds from the Current Wallet can be transferred to the Booster Wallet for long-term reinvesting of profits.

Up to 50% of funds from this wallet can be utilised while reinvesting a new package.


Minimum transfer of $49 can be initiated from Savings and Current Wallets to Booster Wallet.

Each transfer made will be considered as a package opted for investment for a long-term goal.

2% Daily Profits for 200 Days are awarded on your reinvested profits.

Withdrawal can be initiated only after 200 days at the end of the contract.

100% Principal along with returns can be withdrawn with 5% withdrawal charges in any payment method.



This is a common option where users can opt to invest in a new package using the funds available in their Savings and Current Wallet. A mandatory 50% of reinvestment needs to be done by crypto payment and the rest could be utilised from any of the above wallets.

Example: Let us consider a user seeking to reinvest $1000
The basic necessity here is that the user is required to pay a minimum of 50% ($500) from the crypto wallet in cash and 50% ($500) from any of the wallet balances.

For an investor seeking to reinvest $1000, he can mix and match any of the following amounts bearing in mind that a mandatory of $500 and above is to be paid using crypto.

You can choose to pay $900 using cryptos and use $100 from your PEPPERSTONEFX wallet balance to reinvest.

You can choose to pay $650 using cryptos and $350 from the PEPPERSTONEFX wallet balance to reinvest.

You can choose to pay $999 using crypto and $1 from the PEPPERSTONEFX wallet balance.


Welcome to the incredible world of PEPPERSTONEFX, where our users are empowered to take their profits to extraordinary heights! With our revolutionary "Booster Wallet" you can now reinvest your earnings and unlock the potential to earn up to 2% every single day.

This is a long-term initiative by PEPPERSTONEFX for seasoned investors to maximize their earning potential. With 2% earnings every day and 100% principal return, offering a total of 500% returns over 200 days, this option opens up a new world of possibilities and opportunities to captivate.

Our Booster Wallet is designed to harness the power of compounding, allowing your profits to grow exponentially. By reinvesting your earnings, you'll experience the magic of compound interest, watching your returns multiply day after day.

But that's not all! We also understand the importance of preserving your principal investment. With our unique approach, you are assured that you'll receive 100% of your principal amount back. We prioritize the safety of your investment, ensuring that your capital remains protected.

With the Booster Wallet and our commitment to securing your principal, we strive to offer an unmatched opportunity for financial growth. Join us on this exciting journey and experience the thrill of earning up to 2% daily while enjoying the confidence of 100% principal returns! Let your profits soar and create a brighter financial future with PEPPERSTONEFX today.


Get ahead in the investment game with instant discount offers

The PEPPERSTONEFX instant investment discount coupon is a unique and exciting offering designed to reward our valued investors. It provides an immediate discount on your investment amount, allowing you to make the most out of your investment journey with us.

Here's how it works: With every investment bought at PEPPERSTONEFX, you are entitled to investment discount coupons of 2%, 3% and 4% according to the selected package. These coupons can be redeemed with your next upcoming purchases within a time limit of 10 days. It is to be noted that the Coupons can be redeemed with self-account only.

When you use the PEPPERSTONEFX instant investment discount coupon during your investment process, you instantly receive a discount on the total investment amount. This means you can invest a reduced amount while still enjoying the same benefits and potential returns. This cycle continues with every investment being made at PEPPERSTONEFX to offer users additional rewards on every purchase. The coupon codes will be visible in your dashboard from time to time to access the redemption codes easily.


Suppose Mr James invests $4000 with PEPPERSTONEFX on the 1 st of April. Mr. James will receive a discount coupon worth 3% which can be redeemed with any upcoming investment on his own account till the 10 th of April. Post which the coupon will expire.

If Mr. James opts for an investment of $5000 on the 5 th of April, he can use the redemption code to just pay $4850 worth of Crypto for an investment of $5000 thereby saving $150.


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